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West Pomerania

Located on the Baltic coast of Poland, this region is full of sandy beaches, green forests, hills and glacial lakes. Every four years, Szczecin, the region’s capital, hosts the two millionth Tall Ships Races festival. Historic Wolin, once the largest trading emporium in the Baltic Sea, hosts the world-famous Viking festival.

Interactive history

We have created an interactive walk in VR through the historic reconstruction of the Koński Kierat market in Szczecin, the capital of Western Pomerania. Users at the stand could move freely around the market square, watch the inhabitants, pick up historical items and use them.



Our stand turned out to be a hit. Users recommended them to their friends. We were singled out as one of the four regions.

Sebastian Gójdź / Director of the Brussels Westpomeranian Region office

During the four days, the stand was visited by nearly 500 people, including representatives of other regions, heads of marketing from commercial companies, lobbyists, educators and children. Everyone asked about the region, its location, and the relationship between the presentation and the region.