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DHL takes off

It started with a visit to Szczecin. Our friends from DW Group Event Agency showed up to see the thrilling geodesic dome in action at the Freedomes headquarters and watched our previous full 3D VR productions. DHL is launching a new terminal at Warsaw Chopin Airport. We knew the bar was set high. A large corporate event for event guests.

Flight to the future

We had two months to create something unique. Our storyboard team has developed a script from DW GROUP where the entire audience in the dome goes into space and flies the DHL ferry far away to Earth. After the storyboard was approved, production started and we started creating 3D scenes and animations in Unreal Engine. Videos and photos changed hands, and we made changes to the script and scenes until the last minute. Thanks to our real-time workflow, this was possible without long rendering delays.


On a sunny day in early October, the dome was opened to over 400 invited guests, including top DHL management. Our 8-minute animation was projected in 360 ° format on a 900 m2 surface inside the dome. The moderator of the event joked that for the first time he saw so many guests recording a corporate event on their smartphones.

“Our audience, including the top management at the headquarters, was captivated by this production.”

Tomasz Buraś, General Manager DHL EXPRESS

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